Training courses and workshops

About Training courses and workshops

Training courses of Poya Tadbir company are special for the industry. Also, each course is customized depending on the needs of the customer’s industry.

Finite element in Turbine industries

  • Part I
  • Introducing shell and solid elements
  • Introducing boundary conditions, loads and material properties
  • Introducing Explicit and Implicit solvers
  • Introducing static and temperature-displacement steps
  • Meshing
  • Exporting results
  • Part II
  • Subroutine writing (UTEMP, USDFLD, DISP, HETVAL, CREEP)
  • Scripting
  • Introducing HYPERMESH

Finite element in automotive industries

  • Part I
  • Elastic-Plastic analysis
  • Modeling and Static and dynamic contact analysis
  • Modeling and heat transfer analysis
  • Mechanical Testing analysis (impact, bending and tensile test)
  • Seam and spot welding analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Damage initiation
  • Part II
  • Uniaxial fatigue analysis with S-N approach
  • Multiaxial fatigue analysis with S-N approach
  • Using Stress correction criteria (Goodman, Fatemi-Socie, SWT)
  • fatigue analysis with E-N approach
  • Multichannel fatigue analysis
  • Fatigue crack growth analysis

Finite element in oil and gas industries

  • Fitness For Service level III
  • pressure vessel design
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